Mario Kart 64 Rules

These are the rules for MK64, some of which are more specific and maybe less well known


-The official Nintendo 64, Wii VC, and iQue versions are allowed and only allowed to be played on their respective original console, both PAL and NTSC versions.
-The Wii U VC release, which allows savestates, is not allowed. The original Wii VC that can be access through the Wii Menu is allowed.
-Use of EverDrives or Passports to play a region of the game that is not the same as your console is not allowed.
-Use of emulators and tool assisted speedruns are not allowed.
-Grand Prix mode times are not allowed (except on the separate 150cc site). Times must be driven in time trials.

Time Trials


What is considered a shortcut (disqualifying the run from the non-shortcut category)

-Jumping over vertical/tumble walls.
-Using Lakitu to make large forward progress (wrong warps).
-Using the Lakitu effect to cross over out of bounds sections.
-Pausing to pass through 2D obstacles
-Jumping past barriers on off-road sections of track
-Ending a race by doing any of the above (even to no benefit or only to benefit of lap "4")

This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Luigi Raceway: Jumping over walls.
Kalimari Desert: Jumping over the train track.
Toad's Turnpike: Jumping down to the track below or getting warped there.
Frappe Snowland: Going out of bounds to trigger the lap skip or warp across the track. Using the Lakitu effect to skip the canyon section.
Choco Mountain: Warping to other parts of the track using Lakitu. Using a wall jump to skip parts of the track. Skipping a lap with the wall clip ("Weathertenko").
Mario Raceway: Jumping over walls.
Wario Stadium: Jumping over walls other than the standard gap jump.
Royal Raceway: Using Lakitu warps to skip sections of the track.
D.K.'s Jungle Parkway: Clipping through the wall in the cave to skip a lap. Hopping the side of ramp jump to skip the loop. Driving off-road next to the water skip part of the track before the bridge.
Yoshi Valley: Crossing the finish line through the canyon section. Triggering lap skips or wrong warps through the canyon section.
Rainbow Road: Jumping off the track from one section to another.

Commonly questioned paths and strategies that are not considered shortcuts:
-The tunnel on Koopa Troopa Beach
-The hairpin jump on Yoshi Valley
-Using a ghost to distract the thwomps on Bowser's Castle

Disallowed Tactics

-Any glitch that saves a time that wasn't obtained within the run is not allowed (a time being saved as 0'00"00 for example).

Timer Rounding Abuse
-NTSC laps driven after 34'00"00 will not be allowed.
-PAL non-shortcut laps driven after 8'30"00 will not be allowed.
-PAL shortcut laps under 20 seconds driven after 50'00"00 will not be allowed.
-PAL shortcut laps over 20 seconds driven after 8'30"00 will not be allowed.


The community can and will likely want video proof of times driven. As you get higher in the ranks, expect to deliver video proof for the times that you drive.
All claimed non-shortcut world records require video proof. Shortcut world records can require proof.
Always record your personal records and record runs live or stream online to make sure your records aren't lost.


We recommend using the original N64 controller, but third party controllers with no additional functionality are allowed.
Use of rapid-fire functionality on third party controllers is not allowed.

Hardware Modifications

-Controller modifications and repairs are allowed as long as the changes do not break the controller rules above or allow for any other new functionality.

Game and Cartridge
-Modifying the game ROM or memory is not allowed in any way. Replacing the back of a cartridge to circumvent region lock for NTSC is allowed (playing NTSC-J on NTSC-U or vice versa).
-Changing how the game runs by tilting the cartridge in the game slot is not allowed.

-Overclocking consoles is not allowed.
-Modifying your console to allow for RGB output is allowed.
-Removing the plastic region lock piece is allowed.


-Ghost sharing (through use of a DexDrive for example) is allowed.
-Ghosts created through use of external tools such as GameSharks or emulators are not allowed.